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Callaway Data Research & Investigations, offers a wide range of investigative experiences. Private investigator, Kimberlee Callaway has a professional law enforcement background and her associates are professionals in investigative-related fields. Callaway Data Research & Investigations provides thoroughness and integrity to the client and is dedicated to producing factual and accurate, unbiased documentation for our clients in a timely manner.


Callaway Data Research & Investigations is a full service investigations company, based in Athens , Texas , and serves the private individual as well as the corporate community. We serve the Henderson County, Dallas County, Tarrant County and surrounding East Texas areas. Callaway Data Research & Investigations is fully licensed and insured.

Callaway Data Research & Investigations has been built on a foundation of professionalism, integrity and reliability. Because of this, our agency has an excellent reputation and is committed to a complete and thorough quality of service, always keeping in mind the objectives of the investigation and focusing on the client's sensitive needs.

At Callaway Data Research & Investigations, our private investigator staff takes pride in working closely with our clients so that each investigation is tailored to provide the client with the services they need and expect while ensuring that the cost of the investigation remains within the client's budget requirements. Our investigative approach is to consider time, cost and complexity in each of our client's issues and use only those resources that are necessary to resolve our client's needs. As a result, our growth is primarily due to the loyalty and referrals of our clients.

Our personalized service is precise, timely and effective. At Callaway Data Research & Investigations, we have a proven track record of successful investigations. Our private investigator staff has the ability to travel to remote locations in a timely and cost effective manner and work difficult cases through various investigative techniques.







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This company is licensed by the Texas Commission on Private Security through the State of Texas Department of Public Safety

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